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22nd April 2024

Album Launch Dates
June 1st In Store HMV Nuneton
June 29th In Store HMV Solihull

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The first batch of CD's have arrived and upon unboxing we are elated at how FANTASTIC they look. From front to back cover the production quality looks amazing.
We will be launching a social media campaign for the album release and the single "Pool of Splendour." We'll also update our faithful followers and fans on the pre-order date in the next week or two. Please keep checking back here or across our Social Media sites.

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BRAND NEW single "Pool of Splendour," will be available to download from Bandcamp on the 17-05-24 The single is taken from our soon to be released album.

The making of Alien Radio Station

Tokyo Storm's passion for creating music is what drives us to pour our hearts and souls into every track. The process of making an album involves much more than just writing and recording songs. From collaborating with designers and photographers to mastering the final tracks, every step of the way is a journey that takes time, patience, and heaps of hard work.
Recently, the band have been MEGA busy working with designer Tristan Greatrex to finalise the design of our album's Digipack. We wanted to ensure that every detail of the packaging was just right, from the layout, and the photos to the text styles used for the track names in the list. Hours of brainstorming, sketching, and revisions, but the final result is well worth it.
Tokyo Storm is thrilled with the outcome, we can't wait for our fans to see the finished product. capturing the energy and creativity of our music, we have teamed up with Peter Freeth of Genius Photography. Peter accompanied us to our recent video shoot and on location, taking photos that perfectly capture the essence of our sound and style. We've been blown away by the quality of his work creating an album is a team effort, and we're grateful for all the highly talented people who have joined us on this journey. From Tristan Greatrex, (Album Artwork Design,) Peter Freeth (Genius Photography,) Miles Haselehurst (Mileseye Photography,) and last but not least, the team at Mad Hat2, (M2) studios Coven with their wealth of knowledge, experience and patience in producing this album. In addition.
We'd also like to thank and add Shaun Lowe (Prism Recording Studios) to the list of contributors, Shaun is a well known music industry recording specialist and producer who works in LA and a well-renowned studio with a famous zebra crossing outside the premises in London. Where Tokyo Storm have been adding (recording) our AWESOME NEW frontman's vocals to the Alien Radio Station album. We can't wait for June the 1st when the album goes live.

Album Track List
Alien Radio Station
Beyond The Moon
Untamed Night
City of Broken Souls
Pool of Splendour
Turn Your Head Around
Midnight Sky
Cry On My Shoulder
On The Edge

The Band

Four Piece. Original Classic Rock Band from the West Midland performing their own brand of
Melodic Driving Rock.


Frontman Darren Collings

Darren Collings Tokyo Storm

Axeman Joe Bartnicki

Joe Bartnicki Tokyo Storm

Bassman Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards Tokyo Storm

Stickman Bob Peach

Bob Peach Tokyo Storm