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Review by Dmitry M. Epstein

Tokyo Storm Album Review by Dmitry M. Epstein

(Independent) AOR

In search of exhilarating matter, British band's high-spirited debut makes a stand against everyday greyness. TOKYO STORM - Optimistic State Of Mind TOKYO STORM - Optimistic State Of Mind Perhaps, it's a mere coincidence that the acronym of this album's title sounds like "awesome" - but it's surely what the Midlands ensemble behind it strive for. Criminally unsigned, the quartet demonstrates a great potential, and the listener must be hooked on the band's mood immediately,

**2/3 Dmitry M. Epstein

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Review by Dave Crompton
FIREWORKS Magazine Issue 83

Tokyo Storm Album Review in fireworks Magazine issue 83

(Independent) AOR

A beautifully balanced opus, and with the vast majority of songs on offer being over the five-minute mark, you certainly get your money's worth. By the time you've absorbed the opening troika of the up-tempo title track, balladic 'Is This Love' and uplifting 'Tune' you will appreciate exactly what this group of musicians are all about; sublime lead vocals, tight harmonies, and each instrument given equal exposure. 'Kill The Machines', 'Fire In Your Eyes' and 'Summer Feeling' illustrate the more rousing fašade of the band, with Bartnicki injecting some wonderfully controlled guitar breaks.
Dave Crompton

Fireworks Magazine Review

Paul Chesworth

Tokyo Storm Album Review Needle in the Groove

Tokyo Storm - 'Optimistic State Of Mind'

AOR is dead! They say not if Tokyo Storm, a new Midlands based rock quartet have got anything to say about it. I say, don't get me wrong here, its not reinventing the wheel or it isn't anything you've heard before; it is however like an old pair of slippers - familiar, comforting to listen to and dare I say it warming for the soul. The opening track sets the tone for the album and as titled even for a jaded old Melodic rock listener like myself leaves me in an 'Optimistic State Of Mind', (see what I did there). A delightful mixture of mid paced rockers, Chesy

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Richard Wall, Sonic Bandwagon and
Author of the novel, Fat Man Blues

Tokyo Storm Album Review by Richard Wall

Congratulations on your album,
it's a quality product and you all should be proud of it. For those of a certain age, the very mention of AOR (Adult Oriented Rock) brings back memories of 1980s MTV Rock Videos featuring a skinny, spandex-clad guitar hero atop a butte in Monument Valley at sunset, waist-length hair flowing in the wind as a helicopter appears behind him (there was always a helicopter in MTV rock videos). The 1980s was its heyday and AOR bands such as Toto, Foreigner, Journey, Asia and Yes (the Trevor Horn version) ruled the airwaves and TV screens until, inevitably, music trends changed and AOR sank without a trace. Well now it's back. The standard of songwriting, musicianship, and production has resulted in a polished and professional-sounding debut collection, of which the band ought to be proud. Tokyo Storm are here to stay and have the chops to go on to bigger and better things. Can they resurrect AOR? With an optimistic state of mind, I rather think they can.

Richard Wall

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By Keith James Sinclair
ELO Beatles Forever

Tokyo Storm Album Review by Richard Wall

The likes of Frontiers, SPV, Angel Air and Cherry Red would do well to sit up and take notice. A Tokyo Storm is coming

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